Who should be tested for Diabetes

  • If you have a family history
  • If you are overweight, central obesity i.e. In man waist size 90 cm or more, in Women 80 cm or more
  • If you are above 40 years of age
  • If you have Sedentary lifestyle
  • If you Loose weight without trying
  • If you are Pregnant
  • If you deliver a child with birth weight more than 3 kgs

How is Diabetes managed?

  • The most important aspect of Diabetes management is maintaining a healthy lifestyle & reducing risk of developing complications. Diabetes can be managed by:
  • Developing healthy eating habits & following your diet plan
  • Regular exercise
  • Taking oral medication or insulin injections regularly as advised by your doctor
  • Regular testing of blood glucose

Can Diabetes be cured? No

  • A cure for diabetes has not been found. However, diabetes can be treated and controlled. Most people with diabetes manage their disease and lead normal lives.
  • Diabetes will always be part of your life.

Is Diabetes Serious? Yes

  • Patients with diabetes are up to twice more likely to develop heart disease & stroke
  • Vision impairment & blindness are also common
  • Diabetes can cause kidney failure 3 times more compared to those without diabetes
  • Gangrene and leg amputation are much higher in diabetes than any other disease which can lead to infection & death

What are the chances of having Diabetes & Hypertension both?

  • 40 to 50% patients have Diabetes & Hypertension both*.
  • Hence you should be careful & follow your doctors advice strictly.