Golden rules to Prevent diabetes

  • Adopt “Eat Wise and Walk a mile” principle
  • If you are overweight, try to reduce your weight
  • Minimize sugar, sweets & salt in your diet
  • Eat plenty of green vegetables, grains and fruits
  • Avoid food rich in fats and oils
  • Avoid Tobacco & Alcohol
  • Walk at least 30- 45 minutes daily
  • Minimize T.V. watching and spend leisure time in activities like gardening or exercise
  • Practice yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques for stress control
  • Check your blood sugar and blood pressure if you are in the high risk group every 6 months.

Food Guide To Parents For Healthy Choices Of Food.

Food for diabetes

Type of Food What to Eat What to Avoid
Cereals Whole wheat, whole grains, hand pound rice, oats, corn, millets (Jowar, bajra, nachni) Polished rice, maida (bakery items) all Instant refined products
Pulses Dals or grams with outer cover(skin) & sprouts Fried items like bhajji, vada & farsans
Vegetables Green Vegetables , rich in fibre, brinjal, cauliflower, gourds, salads & soups Vegetables grown below ground like potato, sweet potato, suran , arvi & all root vegetables
Fruits Low sugar fruits like apple, orange, mosambi, pomegranates or guava, plums, peaches, papaya High sugar fruits like mango, grapes, chikoo, green bananas, sitafal, fanus (jackfruit) & fruit juices
Dairy Products Low fat milk, buttermilk, curd & unsweetened yoghurt Ghee, paneer, cheese, lassi & ice cream
Meat Products Egg white, Lean meat or chiken once a week , oily fish like bangda 2pieces twice a week. (To be boiled, roasted or grilled) Egg yolk, mutton, organ meat like liver, heart, pork, beef (Avoid frying or deep frying)
Others Unsalted nuts , especially walnuts, almonds, dried apricots, manuka or mix of all Alcohol, soft drinks , icecream, tea, coffee, Diet Colas, samosas, sev puri, panipuri & all ready to eat snacks like chips & chivda